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Putting the 'Fun' in 'Dysfunctional'

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Harry Potter Dysfunctional Valentine Ficathon

Welcome to dysfuncentine - putting the 'fun' in 'dysfunctional'! You can call this an anti-Valentines Day party, if you will - a Harry Potter ficathon celebrating dysfunctional relationships, just in time for the dreaded 'romantic holiday'.

So... Hatesex! Characters screaming at each other! Someone seducing someone else, and then being thoroughly unsatisfied with the result! Resentment! Jealously! Boredom! Sound like your thing? Read on.

Since your Mod is throwing this together barely a month in advance for the second year running (we all need a bit of a breather after the Holiday Fest Period, don't we?) dysfuncentine is a low-pressure ficathon. You get to choose your prompt, and then do whatever you like with it! There is no minimum word count for fiction - write an epic novel-length fic or write a haiku, no worries! Art of any kind is welcome, as are fanvids.

Works must focus on a dysfunctional relationship. Het, slash, femslash, threesomes, moresomes, asexual relationships and anything in between are all welcome. Works will be posted anonymously, with reveals to follow.


Friday, Jan 10: Prompting opens
Wednesday, Jan 15: Prompting closes
Thursday, Jan 16: Prompt-claiming begins
Thursday, Jan 23: Prompt-claiming ends
Monday, Feb 10: Works due
Friday, Feb 14: Posting begins

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