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Fic: Falling Down

Title: Falling Down
Author: scarletladyy
Pairing: Lucius/Harry, Harry/Draco
Rating: R
Prompt: #207: Lucius has Harry in his clutches and is using him as a sex toy (I'm big on forced submission and noncon, and feel free to be kinky here if you so wish). Draco becomes uncontrollably jealous, and wants Harry for himself.
Content Information/Warnings: Non-con, captivity
Summary: Harry isn't happy when he sees Draco Malfoy enter his cell, and he soon finds out that Lucius isn't either.
Author's Notes: Thanks to my beta, AA. The title is taken from the song by Atreyu.

The room span slightly as Harry forced himself to stand, forced himself to face Lucius and look him in the eye. The lack of food was getting to him; he felt constantly dizzy and all he wanted to do was lie down, but he had to show willing, had to show that he hadn't been beaten just yet.

"You know perfectly well what will happen if you don't comply, Mr Potter," Lucius said firmly. "I have left Miss Granger alone thus far because you have sworn not to fight me, but if I find you cannot keep your word..."

"No," Harry shouted, interrupting Lucius. He didn't want to hear what would happen to Hermione if he failed to obey. "I'll do it, just... shut up. Don't."

Lucius raised an eyebrow at him and he instantly knew it was the wrong thing to say. "As I was saying," Lucius said, more pronounced and loudly this time, "if I find you cannot keep your word, your innocent little Mudblood will not stay so innocent for very long."

"I said I'll do it," Harry repeated through gritted teeth. If it was between him and Hermione, he would take the pain and everything else Lucius ordered every time. He would endure anything as long as she remained untouched. "Just don't touch her." Lucius remained silent, eyeing him carefully as he waited for Harry to comply with his earlier demands. Harry took a moment to steady himself and then forced himself to his knees, looking anywhere but at the black leather shoes in front of him. Every time he saw them, he knew he'd given in. They were a symbol of Harry's forced submission, and he wanted nothing more than to spit on them. For Hermione's safety, he would never get that chance.

"Good boy." Lucius' voice was condescending on every level, increasing Harry's frustration. He opened his outer robes and unzipped his trousers just enough to loosen his heavily erect cock from them. With the threat of Hermione being treated in a similar manner, Harry begrudgingly opened his mouth and accepted Lucius' cock. Harry was thankful that he didn't have to move at all or use his tongue; for now, Lucius seemed happy with fucking his face rather than wanting some sort of active participation.

The repeatedly sharp thrusts against the back of Harry's throat stung his eyes, and he blinked back tears as Lucius assaulted his mouth. Lucius grabbed the back of Harry's head and forced his cock as far down his throat as it would go, setting off Harry's gag reflex. Lucius moaned loudly as he released Harry's head and allowed him to retch on the floor in front of him. Much to Harry's displeasure, this didn't seem to impact on Lucius' arousal at all. In fact, more than anything else, it seemed to increase it, because before Harry knew what was happening, Lucius was ejaculating all over his face.

Completely unprepared for it, Harry's eyes were wide open and he screamed loudly as traces of semen entered his already stinging eyes.


The wall was cold, grimy and uncomfortable, but completely shattered with no other option, Harry had to lean his head against it. It sent shivers down his spine as the coldness went through him, but it was better than having to keep his head up any longer.

Lucius had left hours ago—or what seemed like hours to Harry—and he'd been drifting in and out of sleep ever since. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw Lucius' sneering face staring back at him. He had to fight hard not to jump out of fright.

The sound of his cell door being opened woke Harry from his attempts at getting some rest, but it also made his heart start to race. He didn't expect Lucius back so soon, and he wasn't sure he was mentally prepared for what was to come. A bright Lumos was cast, revealing the figure in front of Harry to be none other than Draco Malfoy, Lucius' son. Harry definitely hadn't expected that.

"Malfoy?" Harry croaked, completely parched. He looked his old school rival up and down; he was picture perfect in every way. His hair was clean and tidy, the robes he wore looked more expensive than all of Harry's combined, his shoes were newly polished and there wasn't a blemish on him. He looked like he'd just walked out of a photo-shoot, and in comparison with himself, Harry felt ashamed. Nearly naked—covered only with a dirty beige loincloth—and covered in bruises, Harry looked as though he'd just gone three rounds with Mike Tyson.

"How the mighty have fallen," Draco said with a cruel laugh. He spelled the door shut and walked closer to Harry, scrutinising him with his eyes and sniffing in disgust. "Don't you ever wash, Potter?"

"I see you still think you're funny," Harry remarked. He rolled his eyes and turned away from the glare of Draco's wand.

"Of course." Draco gave the cell a quick glance and, upon spotting the torches, sent his Lumos to each and every one of them. The room lit up, showing Harry up further, but at least he no longer had to stare at a bright light; the torches were rather mellow in comparison. To Harry's shock, Draco put his wand away in his robes and took the chair from the corner, sitting down in front of Harry and staring at him as though he were an animal in a zoo. "Enjoying your stay?"

"What do you want, Malfoy?"

"I want a lot of things, Potter." Draco shrugged casually. "But what do I want with you? That's simple. My father may hate you, but that's only for what you are and what you've done. I hate you for who you are. I know you better than he does, and you've slighted me more than him. It should be me giving you the lesson you deserve."

Harry snorted. "You're jealous?"

"No," Draco spat back, his eyes narrowed nastily. "I just think the job belongs to me."

"Right. So run along and ask daddy for your turn, then. I'm sure he'll grant you it; he does love to see me suffer, after all."

"Not enough, clearly. You still have that attitude of yours." Draco brushed an imaginary piece of dust off his robes and sat back in the chair. "But I can do something about that. See my shoes, Potter? Like them?"

Harry looked down at the shoes and then back up to Draco, bewildered. "What?"

"Your Mudblood polished them for me. Do you think she did a good enough job, or does she need reminding of her place?"

"Fuck you!" Harry sprang for Draco as far as his chains allowed, furious that Draco would even dare to mention Hermione. He couldn't actually get to him, but he liked that Draco flinched back just in case. "Your father said she wouldn't be touched."

"And she hasn't been. She, unlike you it would seem, has her uses. Mother seems to have taken a liking to her; she's always wanted a girl."

Immediately Harry began to worry for Hermione's safety. They said she wouldn't be touched, but if Narcissa was as deranged as the rest of her family, Harry had a lot to be concerned about. "Is your mother as fucked up as you are, Malfoy?"

It was Draco's turn to jump forwards this time, his fist connecting with Harry's face with as much force as possible. "Don't you dare talk about my mother, Potter." Draco sat back on the chair suddenly, regaining his composure as Harry spat the coppery taste of blood from his mouth. "That better not have landed on my shoes."

"You're sick," Harry muttered. "The lot of you. Sick."

"You just don't learn, do you?" Draco smirked, as though Harry had given him the opportunity he so desperately wanted. It figured Draco would need a way to justify his actions. "I want you for myself, Potter, and I'm going to have you."

Harry bared his teeth and tensed completely as Draco got up and walked towards him, his wand out menacingly. He was ready to give Draco the fight of his life, but Draco spelled Harry's chains back into the wall, leaving him unable to move an inch. "Get away from me, Malfoy!" he shouted angrily as Draco grabbed his loincloth and ripped it from his body, baring the last remaining privacy and dignity he had in one fell swoop. "Leave me the fuck alone!"

"Oh, I don't think so, Potter." Draco placed one hand on the wall behind Harry and spat on his other, coating his fingers. Harry didn't even want to entertain why, but he wasn't able to ignore it for long as Draco's fingers travelled down his body, brushing gently over his cock, and then felt around his arsehole. He tried to shift out of the way, but the chains wouldn't allow much movement and this only seemed to amuse Draco. "What's the matter? You like it from my father, don't you?"

"Fuck you." Harry looked away from Draco and focused on a spot on the wall behind him. He tried not to think about the differences between Lucius and Draco's fingers, nor how uncomfortable it felt being penetrated with little lubrication. Harry had been fucked by Lucius many times, but the man always used some form of lube for his own pleasure as much as Harry's. Draco's fingers were dry and uncomfortable, and they hurt going in and out. His eyes settled on Harry's, and even in his peripheral vision, Draco's smug grin burned. He wouldn't shut his eyes and give Draco the satisfaction of thinking he'd won, though.

"You're wasted on my father, Potter."

"Is that so?"

Harry's eyes shot from the wall he'd been focused on to a very angry looking Lucius Malfoy. He'd appeared in front of them as if from nowhere; a clever Disillusionment charm if ever there was one. Draco's fingers tore from Harry's body as quickly as they'd been forced in, and Harry had half a mind to smirk as Draco went as white as a sheet, clearly in control no longer.

"Father," Draco squeaked, turning and wiping his fingers on his ever so clean trousers. Hiding the evidence was useless, Harry knew; Lucius would have been there long enough to let the situation unfold and get a handle on what was really going on. "I thought you were with the Dark Lord?"

"So it would seem." Lucius took a step forward, the sound of his cane on the stone reverberating around the room. Usually that sound sent shivers down Harry's back, but it was Draco's turn to be scared now. "What do you think you are doing?"

Draco attempted the confident approach. "I thought I'd teach Potter a lesson. You know, help you out while you were busy."

The way in which Lucius raised an eyebrow was almost comical. "You don't think I'm doing a good enough job?"

"N-no," Draco stammered. "I didn't mean that. I just... thought the more hands the better."

Lucius took a few more steps forward, until he was only inches away from Draco's even whiter face. Harry had thought Draco to be as pale as a vampire anyway, but he'd never seen the man with so little colour in his cheeks; he was clearly as afraid of his father as Harry was. "You are incorrect. What Harry needs is one firm master to teach him how to behave. Once he is trained, only then can he begin to serve others." Lucius' eyes flickered to Harry's for a moment to see a reaction, but Harry had heard it all before. It wasn't news to him. "Not only have you been especially presumptuous to believe you can play with my toy, you have probably also done some damage to the trust I have built up."

Trust? Not likely!

"I'm sorry," said Draco quickly. "I didn't mean to, I just thought—"

"You thought wrong."

A cold stony silence. Lucius glared down at Draco and it was clear Draco was trying to hold his nerve, but he was tightly wringing his hands behind his back. So tightly his skin was turning red. It seemed they were the only body parts with any colour right now.

"I'll go," Draco said at last, breaking their connection. They'd all known Lucius would win in the end; he always did. Trying to fight him was futile, Harry knew; Lucius held all the cards.

"Good. I'll deal with you later." Lucius didn't even wait for Draco to leave before approaching Harry and loosening his chains. Harry was glad for that at least and stretched his arms out a little. "And you. Playing slut for someone else, Potter? I'm disappointed in you." Lucius smirked at his little quip and ran a finger down Harry's cheek. "You're mine. No-one else will ever have you again. I'll make sure of it."

In his peripheral vision, Harry could see Draco's disgusted look as he left. Harry felt such disgust within himself, but Lucius got far too much amusement from the situation already; Harry wouldn't give him any more. The second Draco left and locked the door behind him, Lucius released Harry's chains entirely; he always had Harry free whenever they were together. It was a mockery of trust. He also insisted upon Harry being chained when alone, simply to make sure Harry could never forget his status.

"Turn around." Lucius' voice was smooth and calm, but it brokered no argument. Harry faced the wall and heard Lucius bend down, then felt his arse cheeks being parted. He knew that Lucius was checking to make sure Draco had inflicted no permanent damage. His hole still hurt from the painful intrusion, and there must have been some visual evidence--perhaps tearing, or blood--because Lucius pulled out his wand and cast a spell upon him. Whatever he did didn't take the pain away entirely, but it was more manageable. "Face me," Lucius said when he was finished and upright once more. He seemed a little angry now. "We shall have to postpone this session for a few hours at least, but don't worry, Harry, I'll be back later to give you exactly what you deserve."

Harry narrowed his eyes and bit his cheek as the chains were reattached and Lucius left quickly. Harry suspected he was going straight to see Draco, and it didn't look good for the younger Malfoy. Harry knew he shouldn't be pleased, but he was. He couldn't help it. He was even happier that Draco's short violation meant a longer time between sessions with Lucius. It seemed his old school rival had done him a small favour.

Completely exhausted, Harry crouched down on the floor and lay his head against the cold stone wall. He desperately needed sleep and he fought with his brain to ignore the uncomfortable surfaces he was forced to lean upon. He closed his eyes tightly shut and tried to think of something, anything, to distract him that would hopefully allow him to rest, but all he could feel was how unbearable his surroundings were and all he could see was Draco's smug face.

They may have left him alone in the flesh, but they would never leave him alone in his mind.
Tags: 2014, character: draco malfoy, character: harry potter, character: lucius malfoy, fic, pairing: draco/harry, pairing: lucius/harry, slash
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