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And That's a Wrap!

With the posting of yesterday's fics, posting for dysfuncentine 2013 is now complete. You all now have until Wednesday, March 6 to catch up with reading, reccing and commenting. Reveals will go up on Wednesday evening!

Beneath the cut, you will find a round-up of all the works posted. If you are catching up/coming to check out this list now that the fest is finished posting, I recommend starting at the bottom and working your way up, as some of the more recently posted works could use a little love (as is always the case, towards the end of a fest).

The final count for the fest was 24 fics, 1 art and 1 poem. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who wrote, drew, read and commented. I'll see you all again in a few days for the reveals!

??? wrote The Experiment (Draco/Luna | R | When Luna is captured by Death Eaters and imprisoned in Malfoy Manor, it is Draco who acts as her gaoler. But it's not as simple as all that.)

??? wrote Origami Soothes the Soul (Harry/George | T | George is a asexual and Harry struggles to understand it.)

??? wrote The Lightening Strike (Cho/Marietta | PG-13 | Marietta lives her life wondering, just hoping for the next lightning strike.)

??? wrote Unfulfilled, Together (Molly/Arthur | PG-13 | They dealt with the disappointment well, he thinks whenever he remembers that first night.)

??? wrote Bistro Styx (Draco/Pansy | PG | Even after all these years, being around Pansy felt like missing a step on a trick staircase. )

??? drew House (Neck)Ties (Millicent/Hermione | NWS | Pain is part of the pleasure.)

??? wrote Alone and Palely Loitering (Nicolas Flamel/Perenelle Flamel | PG-13 | Immortality seemed like a good idea at the time, but it's not without its problems.)

??? wrote Whatever it Takes (Narcissa/Fenrir | NC-17 | Narcissa does whatever she has to, to get her son all the help she can. )

??? wrote Falling Together and Apart in Five Acts (Hermione/Pansy | R | Love is a fickle, confusing beast.)

??? wrote You Stopped By; I Was All Alive (Draco/Luna | PG | Lessons learned: 1. Holidays at Malfoy manner are a bad idea. 2. First loves are difficult.)

??? wrote Innapropriate Thoughts (Minerva/Septima, Septima/Rolanda | PG-13 | You can’t quit watching her, trying to put your finger on what went wrong. Why she left you. You have to know, you have to catalog her, and what happened, so that it never happens again.)

??? wrote Some Say the World Will End in Fire (Draco/Ginny | PG-13 | They’ve always been passionate, but this time Draco took it too far.)

??? wrote As Lovers Go (James/Sirius, Remus/Sirius | R | He ran his hand up James' back, brushing his thumb over the mole just under James' shoulder blade, then curled his fingers into James' hair, watching as the messy strands slipped over his knuckles.)

??? wrote Maybe You'll Get What You Want This Time Around (Eileen/Tobias | M | Tobias Snape finds out his wife is a witch. Things, to put it one way, do not go well.)

??? wrote The Vanity of Loving (Draco/Pansy | PG-13 | She may never have his love, but she’ll always have her dreams.)

??? wrote Little White Lie (Remus/Sirius | R | Remus would forever be grateful to Azkaban for ruining Sirius's memory; just enough that they could finally be happy)

??? wrote Serere Cothurnate (Bellatrix/Pansy, Harry/Pansy | NC-17 | Pansy always wanted the impossible because magic was supposed to make it possible. )

??? wrote Alive (Ron/Hermione | PG-13 | Once, all was great.)

??? wrote The Replacements (Remus/Regulus, Remus/Sirius | NC-17 | Regulus has taken the Dark Mark, and Remus is in the Order, but that isn't the only reason they shouldn't be doing what they're doing.)

??? wrote Her Sweetest Downfall (Narcissa/Lucius | PG-13 | It’s his indifference that hurts her the most.

??? wrote Not Your Average Love Story (Cassiopeia Black/Horace Slughorn | T | Cassiopeia Black isn't interested in anyone, romantically or sexually. Her family doesn't see that as a viable choice.

??? wrote That Awful Mess (Trio era, various pairings | R | The murder of Ronald Billius Weasley - War Hero, One-Third of the Golden Trio, his brother-in-law, one of his best friends - was at the heart of the cacophony surrounding Harry.)

??? wrote It's So Unfair (Narcissa/Rodolphus | PG=13| Narcissa knows that loving Rodolphus is wrong, but how can she help herself when he says how much more he loves her than her sister?)

??? wrote Never Fall Apart (Ginny/Harry, Ginny/Blaise | R | The idea of having an open relationship seems like a good idea until they stop being open with one another.)

??? wrote Truth (Rodolphus/Bellatrix | PG-13 | Bella’s marriage is not a happy one.)

??? wrote Unspoken: Cigarettes & Alcohol Remix (Sirius/Remus | PG-13 | Better to sleep with a stranger who's really a stranger than with a stranger wearing the face of someone you've known since you were eleven and loved almost as long.)

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